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Identify, evaluate, and hire the top tech talent with the latest assessment technology tailor-made to meet campus hiring needs
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Cast a wider net

  • Automate screening process to assess a large number of candidates
  • Pre-assess all the candidates before investing time on them
  • Reach 3X colleges in the narrow window of placement season

Assess on the Go

  • Create and share assessments from an exhaustive library Choose questions from a quality mix of algorithmic, MCQs, and subjective in over 30 languages
  • Give candidates a glimpse of your tech culture that mirror everyday challenges

Enhance employer brand

  • Say goodbye to multiple stages in hiring the best talent
  • Uncover strengths and weaknesses with live coding interviews
  • Eliminate bias and improve candidate experience

Advanced Proctoring to combat plagiarism

  • Capture photos randomly during the assessment to monitor candidate activity
  • Track tab switch activity & analyze code quality to determine the best
  • Full-screen mode to curb any attempts to copy-paste code.

Maximize ROI

  • Increase hiring rate by 70% in the limited time
  • Reduce turnover greatly with the right candidates for the job role
  • Inbuilt Talent management suite to view, manage, and communicate with candidates at no extra cost


Choosing Talscale for Tech recruitment proved to be one of the best decisions for us. Helped us save a lot of time by efficiently screening a large number of candidates. The platform is reliable and recruiter friendly. All in all a positive experience in scaling our team

Shipra PanditSenior Manager – HR, JUSPAY

Earlier it was difficult to filter candidates based on the individual technology requirements. With TalScale, a common assessment with varied skillsets can be created on which students are assessed. Thus, reducing a few days process to a few hours!

SunilCEO - RookiesWorld


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