Isn’t maintaining and managing candidate data in the organization overwhelming? Of course, it is. Data is of paramount significance in today’s world in any field of work. Tech hiring is a different ball game altogether, despite becoming easier and feasible with the use of technology, in the wake of the talent wars. The over-reliance on the Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) isn’t just solving the problem when it comes to tech hiring. Tech hiring and normal hiring are different.

Fundamentally, if you happen to go through a technical recruitment process in phases, there is an inherent flaw. Simply put, the process is broken. For instance, the whole process of third-party integrations such as ATS for managing and communicating with the candidates is cumbersome. Also, managing the candidate data in one place and communicate them after video interviews via Skype/Hangouts is a tedious process for the team involved.

What if there is a way to accomplish this seamlessly in the tech assessment platform itself?

Resume never convey the full story

Hiring based on the skills mentioned on the CVs is a yesteryear practice that holds no significance today. Skill-based assessments and paired-coding interviews have become the forefront methods to hire top tech talent. Gone are those days of landing an interview call based on the keywords stuffed on the resume. The skill-based assessments are here to stay and Talscale has already taken big strides to help companies accelerate tech hiring.

How TalScale simplifies the Tech talent acquisition process?

Why rely on a third-party integration when you can manage candidate data effectively within the product itself? At Talscale, we have come up with a much-needed Mini ATS update that will simplify tech acquisition many folds. With our offering, we want the tech recruiting teams across organizations to lessen their dependency on the traditional ATS and embrace solutions that open a world of possibilities.

As a result, we now have integrated candidate management in the main dashboard. This will allow you to store, maintain, and access all the data pertaining to every candidate at a single place and at each stage of the tech hiring process.

Any candidate in the pipeline can be searched and his progress can be ascertained within a few clicks. This will not only facilitate ease of access but also enhance the efficiency of your recruiting team in avoiding loss of data in the entire process.

Talscale candidate management repository

You can upload relevant documents like a resume of every candidate for future reference and can view the proficiency of each candidate in various programming languages at a glance in the ‘skills’ section. This shall simplify the decision making and also bring a sense of clarity in marking candidates for respective roles.

Skill summary in Talscale

Integrated candidate management for a tech assessment platform helps greatly in clutter management, facilitates remote access, and improves time management. It shall also improve the workflow by enabling the easy share of information, seamless navigation, and better collaboration.


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