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Talscale is an online technical assessment tool that tests your technical expertise and suitability for the required job role.

This article will guide you through all the basics of the Talscale product interface.

Starting the Test #

Talscale assessments are designed to ascertain your expertise for the required job role. The performance in this initial assessment determines your qualification chances for the further rounds of the hiring process.

You will get the Test invite email from ‘’  with the brief details about the Test.

 Click on the ‘Join Interview’ button in the mail, that will take you to the Test window. 

This window presents all the detailed instructions and FAQs which have to thoroughly checked before starting the assessment. On the right side, enter your details. 

Click the “Start Test” to begin the assessment

Note: The test duration starts ticking right after you click the “Start Test” button. 

After answering any particular question, you can save the draft without fear of losing progress. Just navigate to the top of the test window to the “Save Draft” option and click on it. Voila! Your answer will be saved.

In the end, click “Submit” to complete your assessment.

Know your Code Sync Interface #

The Code Sync of Talscale is an unparalleled online live coding platform to conduct technical interviews. Here you will be tested for your coding and problem-solving abilities in real-time.

You will receive a joining link through an email invite from “” to participate in the interview.

Click on the ‘Join Interview’ button in the mail, that will take you to the Test window.


This window presents all the detailed instructions and FAQs which have to thoroughly checked before starting the assessment. On the right side, enter your details. 

It’s recommended to use the latest version of Google Chrome or Firefox browser for the seamless interview experience.

The Code Sync interface in Talscale looks like this

A brief tour the Code Sync

Code sync interface enables you to interact with the recruiter in case of doubts related to the questions using the built-in chat functionality. 

You will be given a set of questions with the problem statement on the left side of the interface. It is advised to read each problem statement clearly before you start to answer them.

At the top, you can see the language drop-down menu. This will have the list of languages permitted by the recruiter to answer the questions. These are largely determined by skill requirements for the hiring job role. You can choose from the list of languages to write your code. 

At the bottom of the editor interface, you have the STDIN and STDOUT tabs. In case the question defines any Test cases, the input values pertaining to it are shown in the stdin tab. Based on the input values passed, stdout shall print the corresponding output of your code in the respective programming language.

Running your Code #

After compiling the code for the given problem statement in the code editor, it is now time to run the code.

Step 1: Navigate to the ‘Run code’ option. #

To run the code along with the Test cases.

Step 2: Check the option of ‘Run with Test cases’ #

The Testcases basically validate your compiled code to produce the expected results for a particular scenario based on the problem statement. Every Test case is defined by the recruiter and the output is evaluated based on the number of successful Test cases. 

Once the code is run, the status of all Test cases is displayed in the window at the right corner of the screen. In case, you notice the failure in any of the Test cases, you can always revisit your code and rethink the logic applied before the final submission of the test. 

Note: Clicking “Run code” does not evaluate your answer or calculate any scores for the test cases.

Submit your final answer to a coding problem. However, you can always modify a  submission and resubmit your answer before the Test ends. Scores are calculated for the submitted version of your answer in the Test.

Project-based assessments #

Project-based assessment is one of the primary features of the Talscale recruitment suite. In this section, you will be tested on a project that is simulated to that of your work.

The Project-based assessment accurately assesses your on-the-job performances.

You will receive a Talscale project invitation from “” to participate in the assessment.

Step 1: Click on the ‘Initiate Project’ button in the mail, that will take you to the project window. #

Step 2: Read the problem description carefully and click on the ‘Proceed’ button given on the bottom of the problem #

Step 3: Check the performance matrix and weight of each section and click on ‘Proceed’ #

Step 4: Select your preferred languages and database for the project from the given choices and click on ‘Proceed’ #

Step 5: Select your preferred attempt mode for the project. #

There will be three modes to attempt the project, i.e

The Talscale IDE: Use the Talscale’s online IDE for project completion and submit your project without any struggle.

Use Git: Attempt on your local IDE by taking git pull and push the code back when completed.

Download: Download the zipped folder of the codebase and attempt the project. submit the project before the given deadline.

Step 6: Click on the “Start Now” button to start the project #

FAQs #

What are the prerequisites for taking the test? #

Before taking any of Talscale assessments it is highly recommended that

  • You use the latest versions of Google Chrome, Firefox browser, and Internet Explorer.
  • You have good and uninterrupted Internet access to avoid connectivity issues during the assessment/ interview.
  • Your assessment can be proctored by the recruiter. Hence it is recommended using a PC or system that has a functional web camera.
  • Make sure you do not involve in any form of unfair practices during the assessment.

What kind of questions generally asked in TalScale assessments? #

TalScale supports questions based on more than 30 programming languages across the types of assessments. The questions will purely be based upon the role you have applied at the company to demonstrate your skills and proficiency.

Can I modify the answers submitted in a Test? #

No. You cannot modify your answers once you submit the Test. However, you can save your answers in the draft from time to time during the assessment to revisit them before running out of time.

Should I take my Test in the full-screen mode only? #

Your recruiter will enable this option to keep an eye on plagiarism and also to allow a more focusses environment during the assessment