Ideate and Innovate beyond R&D

Conduct bigger, better, and Innovative Hackathons to drive new-age business Ideas
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Drive Innovation

Do away with the traditional costlier and time-consuming innovation models and crowdsource ideas into business solutions in a matter of days. Collaborate & build stuff that generates greater business impact

Hire the Best Talent

Host hackathons that signify the challenges and values your company stands for to encash targeted branding and tap into a high-quality talent pool and maintain an efficient talent pipeline.

Build a community

Attract quality people together to address industry challenges, brainstorm ideas, and create sustainable brand advocacy with a growing community of problem solvers.



Reach a bigger audience

  • Conduct contests of any scale
  • Articulate projects with theme-based contests

Automated Evaluations

  • Set clear evaluation parameters.
  • Do away with manual intervention till the end.
  • Eliminate bias in the whole process

Enhance Candidate Experience

  • Built-in IDE for a seamless coding interface.
  • Allow integrations from Git.
  • Foster lasting relations with the participants

Kickstart your Hackathons, the right way.

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