Campus recruiting, the way we know it, is going to evolve with new advancements in the technology and larger interests of companies. The entire process will become digital with little human intervention. Innovative ways of recruiting campus talent will take the centre stage and that shall form the Future of campus recruitment

Right from scouting talent to keeping candidates engaged, digitization is going to play a significant role.

The top trends in the future:

  • Social and mobile recruitment: Social media and mobile apps will become the go-to way to recruit on campus. Announcements, updates, company policies, and job descriptions will be disseminated through an app or a social media handle. Chatbots on social media web pages will answer queries from candidates in real-time


  • Talent optimization via AI: Algorithms will help recruiters target candidates and campuses that are in line with the job profile. Artificial intelligence can be used to optimize every step of the process.


  • Competitive Hiring: There is an increase in the number of companies opting for competitive hiring at Campus instead of old ways. Hackathons, tech events are organized in colleges and universities to identify potential candidates.

Digitizing the recruitment process to build talent pipelines

It’s a given that the process must be digitized to build target talent cesspools. But, how can you digitize the current process?

Here are 5 ways to get starteddigitising campus recruitment

  1. Online applications
    By enabling candidates to apply online, you can use an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) that allows you to screen and filter profiles much faster and build a pipeline of top-notch talent.
  2. Mobile recruiting
    As more candidates turn to their smartphones to find the right job, there are a few things to keep in mind.
    – A mobile-optimized website & Career page
    – Social media presence with information on the upcoming recruitment
  3. Video Interview
    Video conferencing software has made it possible to conduct interviews online which saves a ton of time and money not to mention the level of convenience. This means that a smaller team of recruiters can handle the process while interviewers can be off-site
  4. Digital Structured Interviewschatbots in recruitment
    Even Google believes that a structured interview has its merits. However, a traditional one can be cumbersome and inconvenient. Digitizing structured interviews allows recruiters to review candidates easily without letting any bias creep in.
  5. Automation
    Chatbots and AI play a huge role in making sure the process of recruitment is fair, inexpensive, and yields great results. They eliminate the need for human beings to perform time-consuming, menial tasks.

Benefits of digitizing the recruitment process

Apart from the obvious benefit of building a talent pipeline, a digitized recruitment process can help in several other ways.

1. Helps target a wide pool through social media recruiting
Instead of being constrained to only a few campuses that recruiters can visit, social media recruiting allows companies to recruit from campuses from far and wide.

2. ATS speeds up the screening process
Recruiters spend a considerable amount of their time reviewing resumes. Using an ATS spends some valuable hours and leaves no room for errors or biases.

3. Saves human effort by automating manual steps
Imagine having recruiters having to paste notices about the latest recruitment update. Now, a mobile app or updates on social media replaces that.

4. Time to hire is accelerated due to reduced paperwork
The amount of paperwork is reduced to a great extent when the process is digitized. Recruiters have complete control over the layout of the application form making it easy to screen candidates. An ATS also allows recruiters to personalize bulk emails and keep candidates updated

5. Accurate real-time data helps make better hiring decisions and reduced rehiring costs
Data can be tracked and analyzed in real-time which helps recruiters make better hiring decisions with the help of Digital systems. These systems are also good at predictive analysis enabling recruiters to make data-driven decisions

6. Eliminates the need for an external recruiting agency
With powerful tools to digitize the requirements process, companies do not need to rely on recruiting agencies for added manpower or reports that systems can generate. This saves money on an ongoing basis.

AI to streamline the Campus recruitment process

The role of Artificial Intelligence in digitizing the recruitment process is significant. Here are 4 ways in which AI can streamline the process, save human effort and time. AI in campus recruitment

1. Learn who the ideal candidate is
By feeding in skills that make a candidate perfect for the job description along with data about previous hires allows the system to learn and construct the ideal candidate and then consequently hold every applicant to that standard.

2. Assess and compare candidates
AI can assess skills, experience, and qualities through candidate resumes and compare those to historic data. AI can also analyze facial expressions, body language, voice, and text sentiment analysis allowing recruiters to collect more data to make informed choices.

3. Schedule interviews
Online tools can be used to schedule interviews avoiding human intervention to find availability which is inefficient. This frees up time for recruiters to focus on other high priority tasks.

4. Candidate query management
AI chatbots can replace human conversation by offering responses to frequently asked questions by candidates. This saves a ton of effort and time accelerating the recruiting process.

The benefits of using AI in the recruitment process

56% of talent acquisition leaders report hiring volumes increase but 66% of the state that the size of recruiting teams will stay the same and even shrink.

AI recruiting can mitigate the problem by screening a large pool of candidates with reduced manpower.

Here are 7 other benefits of using AI recruiting:

  1. Improves recruiter performance
  2. Allows for remote hiring
  3. Enables hiring at scale
  4. Predicts candidate performance
  5. Keeps candidates engaged
  6. Reduces hiring costs
  7. Removes hiring bias

How recruiters are leveraging AI

  1. Sourcing
  2. Screening
  3. Interviewing

Candidate Sourcing

AI tools help recruiters find top talent faster and better. These tools scrape job boards to fill an open position. Other tools can leverage social media marketing to connect with candidates. Chatbots can also chat with candidates and help them apply for the right job based on their profile.

Candidate Screening

AI tools use resume parsing, behavioral and skill assessments to screen candidates saving a ton of time and human effort. It also compares candidates to historic data of ideal candidates.

Candidate Interviewing

Google, Facebook, and Unilever use AI to assess video interviews using voice and facial expression analysis to interpret personality traits.

The other way to use AI is with a pre-recorded video to analyze the candidate’s answers further. A skill test may ask candidates to solve a problem. Then the tool may ask why the candidate chose that approach to lend more context to the candidate’s skills.

Is AI the end of recruiting teams?

Software won’t replace recruiters. AI will recruiters spend time on high priority tasks instead of wasting time on menial tasks like screening or sending out announcements or answering commonly asked questions.

Recruiters can focus on tasks that actually matter. For instance, spend time in creating job marketing campaigns, have in-depth conversations with hiring managers, focus on engaging candidates, and creating a great onboarding experience.

AI will augment the decision-making process and help create a non-biased, accurate, and streamlined recruitment process.

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