candidate experience in 2020
Employer BrandingHiring
April 29, 2020

Guide to better Candidate Experience in 2020

Do going through the negative reviews about your company or brand online fill you with remorse? A hiring process without the elements that make the…
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campus recruiting metrics
Campus RecruitmentHiring
March 13, 2020

Campus Recruiting Metrics and ROI

Assuming that you already have a campus recruitment strategy and a strong team in place, recruitment metrics play a vital role. As with any other…
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campus recruitment team
Campus RecruitmentHiring
March 11, 2020

How to build a good Campus Recruitment team

Putting together a good campus recruitment team is the most important step to succeed in campus recruitment initiatives. Building a team that gets things done…
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guide to structured interviews
For Technical RecruitersRecruitment
February 19, 2020

Ultimate guide to Structured Interviews

Interviewing is not as easy as it seems—first impressions and “gut feeling” is not enough to make an effective hiring decision. There is always a…
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campus recruitment strategies
Campus RecruitmentHiring
January 29, 2020

New Strategies to ace your Campus Recruitment

According to a 2018 study by Indeed, 61% of companies were looking to hire more employees but 42% of them were concerned about finding the…
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